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Here, you will find samples of poetry representing the quality you receive from Romeo's Magic Poetry Services. To reduce the risk of plagiarism, only two poems shall feature at a time. Our valued customers Mrs. S. Hammond and Mrs. C. Roberts have given express permission for these poems, crafted with the details they supplied to us, to be shown as examples of what Romeo's Magic has to offer:

Commission: a "love poem"


Peter, to me, you're the stars in the sky,
You're the rivers down low; you're the mountains up high.
You're an absolute gem; you're the beams of the sun
On my face, you're the wind in my hair... you're the one.

I'll always remember the very first ring
You presented to me, for it made my heart sing!
We were only together a month, though I knew
In my soul, I could spend a whole lifetime with you.

Peter, you are, and you always will be,
Who I turn to in life, you're the one that I see
In my future: this life, with our beautiful son,
That I've dreamed of for so very long... has begun!

That day in your van, when you looked in my eyes
And you told me you loved me, my spirit did rise,
As it does when you hold me, my head in your chest;
I am safe, I am warm, I am happy and blessed.

Peter, it's true, that with you, I'm complete!
And I smile every time that I think of your sweet,
Loving self, and your lips - they're the sexiest I've
Ever seen! You're the reason I'm glad I'm alive.

My love and my friend Peter, that's what you are,
You're the father to our special son, and by far
The most wonderful man I have met in my life,
And I'm so very proud, I can say... I'm your wife.

© Romeo's Magic™ (2012)


"Well! When I filled in your service form, I doubted it was possible a poem could include EVERYTHING I wrote! But it did and I am so pleased, for I was able to tell Peter EXACTLY what I wanted to, in such a romantic way! He loved it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


Commission: a "leaving poem"


You're leaving and I'll miss you Ann!
Your nature, I commend,
As occupational therapist and
My colleague and my friend.

May Wrexham Maelor Hospital
Regret forevermore,
The day they made the biggest mistake;
(Let you walk out the door!)

I mean these words sincerely now,
Good luck, and all the best!
May all your days in Brittany, France,
Be wonderful and blessed!

Of course Ann, I shall think of you,
And how you are and such,
But never forget where Wrexham is;
Make sure you keep in touch!

Adieu! Cheryl

© Romeo's Magic™ (2012)


"Oh my gosh, when I gave Ann the poem, she burst into tears! I was so shocked, I didn't know whether that was a good thing, or not! She told me it was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for her, and that she intends on putting the poem on her wall to remind her of our friendship. Thank you so much for a wonderful service, that for me, did exactly what was promised."